Fur is a wonderful natural product made of leather and hair. It requires a special handling in order to be made into a durable fashion garment or accessory.


This job is the responsibility of dressers and dyers. They ensure that the fur maintains its natural beauty, gives the hair a perfect flow and a silky shine. The leather side needs to be made soft and supple.


Dressers and dyers can give fashionable colours to furs.


Apart from dyeing furs they can shear or pluck them.


The leather side can be finished in such a way that it appears as suede or napa, in addition it can be printed or press-patterned.


Innovative techniques have developed a unique expert industry that is well aware of the responsibility it has towards man and the environment.

Therefore dressers and dyers need to comply with a great number of legal provisions before starting to run any operations whatsoever.

Updated: 08.10.2020